29 Faces Day 23

“Today’s Junk Shop Find”

Some days you plain get lucky. This morning, a trip to the Junk Shop in town yielded a blue Ball Jar full of buttons and a ceramic doll head screaming for a freshly painted face. Dang, as luck would have it, I LOVE buttons and I needed to paint a face today. $5.00 peeps! Tell me that’s not kismet. Maybe after 29faces, I’ll find time to make her a body, and a dress with buttons all over it… 🙂

The Ceramic Head is painted with Acrylics and sealed with a Gloss Varnish.




Grandma’s Watch


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Grandma’s Watch

I see the field of daisies in the morning light, the old button jar, her favorite blue teacup and her precious watch, the back engraved, “To J with all my love P / 9.28.1931”. Their memory perhaps, frozen in time…