St. Patrick’s Day

29 Faces Day 19

“Me Lucky Leprechaun”

And today… we have teeth! Not exactly my favorite thing to do, but hey, it is 29faces. Combine teeth with my annual Leprechaun painting and dang, he’s actually kinda cute… 🙂



29 Faces Day 17

“Irish Eyes”

Today I played around with the idea of leaving some of the background color showing through the face. This Irish beauty, with her intense gaze, is truly green to the core!


29 Faces Day 12.13.14


Wow! Playing a little catch up today. I spent a few days this week helping a florist friend of mine prep for Valentine’s Day. ❤ ❤ With orders filled and everything ready to go at her shop, today was my day to paint. I am glad to say, I got all three done. I am no longer in the weeds. Yay! So, I am going to spend the rest of the evening on my couch, watching TV and enjoying the company of my hubby, who also happens to be my favorite person in the whole world. Forever in love.  ❤ Happy Valentine’s Day!!!