The End…

Is there a better way to spend the month of February? I think not. What a joy to spend the entire month painting, sharing my art, and meeting new people through their art. All the while knowing, the end of the 29Faces Challenge means Spring is almost here. Dang people, it’s March. YAY!


29 Faces Day 25

“The Clown with the Bird gets the Hook”

This is what came out today! I can’t STOP! Need I say more? Wah Wah…



29 Faces Day 24


Here’s the thing. I rarely paint real people, especially the celebrity type.  The main reason being, they have to actually resemble the well known individual you are painting. Of course, that is SO much easier said than done, but don’t get me wrong. I do like a good challenge, and so today in the spirit of 29faces, I offer my attempt at Johnny Cash…




29 Faces Day 20


Italian for tomatoes, “Pomodori” is not only my 20th face, but also my entry in this month’s Nibblefest Art Contest on eBay. The theme for February is ‘Black and White’. This Acrylic Painting was done with just three colors, Titanium White, Mars Black, and for the tomatoes, Permanent Red. It is the ACEO (Art Card Editions and Originals) standard size of 2.5″x3.5″!

FYI, search NFAC on eBay to see all the Nibblefest Art and Auctions starting at just $0.99!



29 Faces Day 18

“The Guy with the Doll gets the Hook”

Wow, that tuxedo, and if you closed your eyes, you couldn’t see his lips moving. The only one surprised by the Hook was the Dummy! Wah wah…

I think this is my last one of these ‘Hook’ paintings, though I can’t be 100% positive. They have been way too much fun to paint! Tonight I am listing ALL three ACEO Original Acrylic ‘Hook’ Paintings on eBay. That is “The Tapper gets the Hook“, “The Guy with the Dog gets the Hook“, and “The Guy with the Doll gets the Hook“. The Three Day Auctions for these paintings begin at 5pm PST. I’m not going to link them to this post, but if you are interested, search Gulat on eBay…

On second thought, I’m 100% positive I WILL paint more of them! 🙂


29 Faces Day 16

“The Guy with the Dog gets the Hook”

Another night on our little Vaudeville stage and another act that didn’t quite pan out. I know, it’s hard to believe these two aren’t Superstar material, but alas, they got the Hook…


29 Faces Day 15

“Barking Up the Wrong Tree”

Day 15 and still hanging in there. I’ve gotten myself on a kick of painting some cute little girls for the last couple of days. This one happens to be a country gal, perhaps a young Dolly Parton (the HAIR people LOL), barefoot in the holler. Marge, her faithful coonhound and companion, sitting beside her and barking up the wrong tree!


October Bliss



October Bliss

October Bliss

The Jack O' Lantern

The Jack O’ Lantern

Night Flight

Night Flight

Who doesn’t enjoy October? It is a month of frightening, delightful, fantasy.

It is a time to scare and be scared. It is a time to let imagination run wild…

Love Lies Bleeding

Love Lies Bleeding

Murder on All Hallows' Eve

Murder on All Hallows’ Eve


September is County Fair Time!

Dang…  It has been a while since my last blog. I guess I have had more to do than to say. Where in tarnation does time go? I look up and Summer is over…

Now Autumn is upon us. September is Brown County Fair month. EVERYTHING in September revolves around The Little State Fair!  I spend the first half of the month preparing for the last half of the month. Wrap up the gardening chores. Straighten the barn up. Get the goat hooves trimmed. Paint a few little things for eBay. I did have the foresight to spend some time during the Dog Days of August making and painting new ‘Welcome’ sidewalk signs for the buildings where I work. They were really fun to paint with a retro carnival feel.

Pre registering our Exhibitors starts in earnest after Labor Day, by phone, by mail, and at the fairgrounds. Oh, how I love when my phone finally stops ringing. That’s when I know Fair Eve is upon us!

Welcome to Floral HallVisit NE BldgWelcome to NE BldgVisit to the FH

I am indeed lucky to be a part of this fair. It is a huge event in our rural county and has been for one hundred sixty three years. I spend my time in the historic Floral Hall, and the Northeast Building. These two buildings house all the cool stuff, mostly entered by adults, though we do have classes for young people too. When I say cool stuff, I mean art, photography, quilts, knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, tatting (yes, people still tat), scrapbooking, wood carving, all kinds of crafts, floral arranging, canning, baking (yummy), wine making, farm and garden products, and the list goes on… It is a Mecca for creative people and it is simply awesome to spend a week looking at everything and talking to our exhibitors.

So, as you can tell, no time for 29 Faces, no time for Nibblefest ‘Furry Friends’, just time for the Brown County Fair. I have tried in past years to work the Fair and continue to paint, way too stressful. So, I shall return in October, brush in hand, palette full of color. Who knows what I’ll paint, but I’ll be ready to dive in none the less… 🙂