29 Faces Day 7

“Gabbo’s Goat”

A simple man in his simple room asking himself the age old question, “How do you play with a goat?”


“Quirky Animals”


Someone said to me the other day, “I love your animal paintings. They are so cute and quirky.” Funny, this is not the first time I have heard my animals described as quirky. I have often thought it myself. I am not really sure what gives them that quality. Is it the eyes, the poses, the proportions, the palette? Is it because I paint these critters from my head, with very little help (if any) from reference photos? Truth be told, probably all of those reasons. I’ll never know for sure, but they sure are fun to paint.  🙂     ps-You think my animals are quirky, wait until you see my people…

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The Thieves of Tangiers



Pippa's Pony

“Pippa’s Pony”

Rainbow Trout at Rocky Fork

Rainbow Trout at Rocky Fork

This tiny ACEO Original (2.5″ x 3.5″) Acrylic Raccoon Painting is currently listed on eBay.