29 Faces Day 15

“Barking Up the Wrong Tree”

Day 15 and still hanging in there. I’ve gotten myself on a kick of painting some cute little girls for the last couple of days. This one happens to be a country gal, perhaps a young Dolly Parton (the HAIR people LOL), barefoot in the holler. Marge, her faithful coonhound and companion, sitting beside her and barking up the wrong tree!



29 Faces Day 12.13.14


Wow! Playing a little catch up today. I spent a few days this week helping a florist friend of mine prep for Valentine’s Day. ❤ ❤ With orders filled and everything ready to go at her shop, today was my day to paint. I am glad to say, I got all three done. I am no longer in the weeds. Yay! So, I am going to spend the rest of the evening on my couch, watching TV and enjoying the company of my hubby, who also happens to be my favorite person in the whole world. Forever in love.  ❤ Happy Valentine’s Day!!!




A Rude Awakening


Napping Bear Photo Provided by Sue Taylor Perez

Napping Bear Photo
Provided by Sue Taylor Perez

Seems like I am always bringing up Facebook, but some of the groups I belong to are simply the best! No group is more fun than the one called, ‘Art Card Editions and Originals on eBay’. The name says it all. We are a group of Artists selling our special little 2.5″x3.5″ gems to folks shopping eBay. We  are constantly entertaining ourselves with Art related chats (which for some reason always go awry) and crazy fun challenges. This group is a wonderful resource for anyone thinking about trying their hand with ACEO on eBay, but careful, DO NOT post any other size art or Leola and Cheryl may come to your house and break your legs! Just Kidding… really…KIDDING (not)! 🙂

So, May’s Photo Challenge is in full swing, hosted by Sue Taylor Perez. Every month the new host supplies us with a photo they have chosen. Sue gave us “Napping Bear” to interpret, a great photo with such possibilities for my slightly warped humor!

For some reason, when I think bears, I think camping. When I think camping, I think of the old Coleman Cooler filled with ice cold beer, and lots of it (for medicinal reasons only, of course). Doctor Bud Lite has given you a prescription to prepare yourself for the hard ground, and that dang rock jabbing you in the back all night. Down one or two or twelve as needed, then cuddle up with your “grizzly bear”. One of you might as well be comfy…

A Rude Awakening

Side Effects- Be prepared for “A Rude Awakening”!

ACEO Original (2.5″ x 3.5″) Acrylic on Strathmore Linen Canvas Card