29 Faces Day 12.13.14


Wow! Playing a little catch up today. I spent a few days this week helping a florist friend of mine prep for Valentine’s Day. ❤ ❤ With orders filled and everything ready to go at her shop, today was my day to paint. I am glad to say, I got all three done. I am no longer in the weeds. Yay! So, I am going to spend the rest of the evening on my couch, watching TV and enjoying the company of my hubby, who also happens to be my favorite person in the whole world. Forever in love.  ❤ Happy Valentine’s Day!!!





29Faces #11 & 12 “The Siamois Sisters”

The Siamois Sisters

Two lives enter the world as one.  They chose to grow up on the public stage, not because they are ‘Freaks’, but because they are performers.  Of course, they know without eachother, they wouldn’t lead this charmed life.  They count their blessings…

Days 11 & 12! Wearing the holiday help hat at Ripley Florist for the next few days.  Help small business in your area. Tell your sweetie you want flowers from a local florist this year…

 ACEO Original (2.5″ x 3.5″) Acrylic on Strathmore Linen Canvas Card