29 Faces Feb 2015

29 Faces Day 27.28.29

“Star Date 29f.2.2015”

Star Trek brought us a world that fueled our imaginations. I find the thought of it a fitting close to 29faces, as this challenge has truly stretched my mind.  This last painting is a ‘three-fer’ and my tribute to the late great Leonard Nimoy. My work here on planet 29F is done. Until we meet again dear friends, “Beam me up Scotty”…




29 Faces Day 24


Here’s the thing. I rarely paint real people, especially the celebrity type.  The main reason being, they have to actually resemble the well known individual you are painting. Of course, that is SO much easier said than done, but don’t get me wrong. I do like a good challenge, and so today in the spirit of 29faces, I offer my attempt at Johnny Cash…




29 Faces Day 23

“Today’s Junk Shop Find”

Some days you plain get lucky. This morning, a trip to the Junk Shop in town yielded a blue Ball Jar full of buttons and a ceramic doll head screaming for a freshly painted face. Dang, as luck would have it, I LOVE buttons and I needed to paint a face today. $5.00 peeps! Tell me that’s not kismet. Maybe after 29faces, I’ll find time to make her a body, and a dress with buttons all over it… 🙂

The Ceramic Head is painted with Acrylics and sealed with a Gloss Varnish.




29 Faces Day 22

“Fine Tuned”

Tada! This is the painting that had me out of the loop for a couple of days. I am always happy when an idea comes to life. I love the process. First the spark. Mapping it out in my head. Perhaps a quick sketch on paper to set the dimensions of the main elements. Finally to paint, layer after layer, until it starts coming to life. Adding, editing, frustration, aha moments, knowing when to say when. The process is my joy. The finished painting is a bonus…



29 Faces Day 21

“Buttoned Up”

As you can see, this is not a painting! I have been working like crazy on a 5″x7″ painting for Nibblefest, and because of that, 29faces has taken a small temporary hit. Day 21 is a simple quickie graphite pencil sketch on cardstock. 🙂



29 Faces Day 20


Italian for tomatoes, “Pomodori” is not only my 20th face, but also my entry in this month’s Nibblefest Art Contest on eBay. The theme for February is ‘Black and White’. This Acrylic Painting was done with just three colors, Titanium White, Mars Black, and for the tomatoes, Permanent Red. It is the ACEO (Art Card Editions and Originals) standard size of 2.5″x3.5″!

FYI, search NFAC on eBay to see all the Nibblefest Art and Auctions starting at just $0.99!



29 Faces Day 18

“The Guy with the Doll gets the Hook”

Wow, that tuxedo, and if you closed your eyes, you couldn’t see his lips moving. The only one surprised by the Hook was the Dummy! Wah wah…

I think this is my last one of these ‘Hook’ paintings, though I can’t be 100% positive. They have been way too much fun to paint! Tonight I am listing ALL three ACEO Original Acrylic ‘Hook’ Paintings on eBay. That is “The Tapper gets the Hook“, “The Guy with the Dog gets the Hook“, and “The Guy with the Doll gets the Hook“. The Three Day Auctions for these paintings begin at 5pm PST. I’m not going to link them to this post, but if you are interested, search Gulat on eBay…

On second thought, I’m 100% positive I WILL paint more of them! 🙂