About the Artist

I’d like to get this right and in perspective.  My first love is my husband and the simple good life we have made and share together.  I am not a tortured soul, but a person nurtured and supported and filled with joy.  That being said…

Art like H2O is essential in my life.  Self taught, with some help from my creative parents, and the good old public schools, I have dabbled in  many mediums from textile arts, to fused glass, to wood carving and everything in between.   I am a sucker for an artistic challenge.  Some have been successful, others, not so much.  The one constant through the years has been my Small Format Acrylic Painting.  In 2012, I discovered the world of ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals) on eBay.  These small (2.5″ x 3.5″) jewels seemed like the way to find out if my art was viable, sellable, worth pursuing.  So, at a ripe old age of… whatever… and with very little self confidence, I jumped into the pool!  Surprising only to me (according to my family), my quirky brand of art was warmly received!

I own a small herd of Nubian goats which I love dearly, but I learned very quickly that goat paintings were not a must have for the majority of eBay buyers.  I soon gave up my aspiration to become a world famous painter of everything caprine, though these beloved creatures have a way of turning up from time to time in my work.  In fact, one of the largest paintings I have ever done, some 30″ x 40″, is of my first doe,  Gardners Lil Wisp of Dixie, and hangs in my dining room.

My art is fully intertwined with my life, and my memories, past and present.  A gilded view to be sure, but every piece contains a real part of me.  I am growing as an artist.   I find magic in the process.  I enjoy surprising myself when something turns out better than I dreamed it could.  I enjoy the stories in my head coming to life on a canvas.  I enjoy the giggles, the jolt, the unexpected…





One comment

  1. Hello!
    How can you mention this business about Gardners Lil Wisp of Dixie (lol!) and not show the painting?!
    Also, I am totally jealous of your goats. I would like a miniature donkey, but that is not going to happen anytime soon.


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