29Faces 2.2014

29Faces is officially under way!  If I come across a little too excited about this tough challenge, consisting of one face a day for 29 days, it is because freakin’ cold January is so OVER, and the end of this challenge means Spring! YAY! Just plain YAAAAY!

The concept for this challenge sounds so simple, but to me there is way more to 29Faces than just creating faces.  It’s the comradery of the people involved.  It’s the feeling of running a marathon (okay, more like walking a 5k, because God knows I’ve never run a marathon), and the support from those friends when you start to falter.  It is an exercise  that stretches the mind, dares you to try something new, hopes you will give it your all.  It’s about… and yes, I am going to be crass here (art for art’s sake and all) by saying, let us not forget the few bucks that are possible to make during the month and beyond if the faces are worthy…


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